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GUE Recreational Diver Level 3

GUE Recreational Diver Level 3 is a limited decompression class tailored to give the recreational diver the possibility to go a slightly deeper or stay a bit longer. The focus is on diving with trimix and one decompression gas and gives you therefore the skills to dive with a stage bottle. We will practise ascents, gas switches, planning and execution of decompression diving as well as repeat basic skills such as gas sharing, SMB deployment and proper buoyancy and trim. We dive to max 39 meters with a maximum decompression of 15 minutes.

The class takes five days and includes 8-9 dives, of which two are with trimix. A swim test and academic exam are also included. You will receive concrete feedback and suggestions during the class to further develop your diving.

The prerequisites are GUE Rec 2 or GUE Fundamentals and 25 experience dives, plus 25 dives in doubles and a minimum of 75 non-training dives.

I currently have two options for this class; the Red Sea in December and Sweden in the spring.

On 5-12 December, the class will be conducted on a live aboard on MV Nouran in the Red Sea. We live, practise and dive in a very convenient environment and once the class is over, you have the opportunity to go practise your skills immediately. The total price is €2.295 and includes everything (accommodation and all meals, diving, class fee, gas and two scooter dives after the class) except the flights to Hurghada, tip and the registration fee with GUE $95.

In spring 2019, I plan a Rec3 class in Sweden. Venue and dates to be determined with the participants.

Once you register and pay the first instalment, you will be able to download the study material. At the same time, I will send you a study guide to make sure you arrive well prepared.

If you are interested, please send me an e-mail and I will send you all relevant information for the class and the travel: per@gue.com

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