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GUE Fundamentals

GUE’s Fundamentals is a unique chance to develop your diving skills or prepare for technical diving. During four entertaining and very intense days, you will be trained with the goal of achieving perfect balance and trim, using nitrox, deploying SMB, and various fin techniques, as well as lots of skills that prepare a diver for more advanced diving and give the recreational diver a robust base of effective and secure diving techniques. The focus is on establishing control and stability, safe ascent, gas sharing, valve handling, team diving and equipment handling.

GUE’s Fundamentals comes in two versions; recreational with a single tank or in a technical version with twinset and primary light. There are minor differences in the two versions and in the requirements for certification and the course is therefore suitable for all divers, regardless of previous experience or future ambitions. Either way, GUE Fundamentals is a crucial step in the personal development of every diver and a unique opportunity to take the diving to new levels. Depending on equipment configuration, the course can include certification for nitrox, dry suit and twinset.

For more information or to register, please contact me on per@gue.com