The Balkan Cave Tour 20-29 August 2021

Welcome to the Balkan Cave Tour – the Adventure Trip 2021 – that will take us through six countries and seven caves and will end at the Balkan Cave Summit in Mostar, a yearly event in Bosnia and Herzegovina. We start by meeting some local cave divers in Belgrade before continuing to Piran and our first dive. We will then continue to Northern Macedonia to make two dives in one of the most famous caves in the Balkans; Vrelo Matka. The next stop on the trip is in Kotor, Montenegro, where the dive site is spectacular at the source of Gurdic. The rest of the week we spend in Mostar attending the Balkan Cave Summit while enjoying Balkan hospitality and amazing dive sites.

The trip includes eight days of diving, doing one long dive each day due to logistics and dive profiles. Suitable level is C2/T2. For more information and to sign up, please contact me at